The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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About Thermal Pads and usage of Heatgun?

I have a CECHA01 ps3 60gb. and I wanted to know if removing those annoying peach colored squares that are thermal pads (I'm guessing) was a good or bad idea. Since they were dirty as heck like the others. I'm getting my kit soon, is why I asked, thanks for reading this. in some cases the patch (NOT the 2 big black pads) but the big peach ones are located underneath the Bluray reader drive and on the motherboard for another component. could someone please explain what those both go to, and if i screwed up by removing them?

Also, if anyone can help me understand the heat gun's usage and every possible thing that a total dummy would need to know, I'd be very grateful since I only know it pumps out either "low" 500F to "high" 1000F heat, and DO NOT want to ruin my motherboard, so any video guides regarding this procedure would be helpful.(the one on this site sucks) and details entailing handling the heat gun, how long it should,or shouldn't be on for, etc. the stuff i have no knowledge about with the heatgun.

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The heat gun will simply not do

You need to get the solder balls underneath the chip to 225c and will require bottom and top heat without proper equipment there is no possible way to get it to that temperature and sustain it without damaging other components or the board itself

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The heat gun will certainly do chap heat your entire board for aprox 1 min then switch to higher setting and heat each chip for about 15 secs before moving on to the next chip even do the small black chips keep rotating remembering which chips in order so all get equal heat , do this process for roughly 4 mins . Heat gun should be about an inch off the board . And your done reassemble and your away. Have done at least 20 machines this way and it has always worked 1st time.(remember to keep away from any plastic areas on the board the best you can.

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