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1993년 후반기에 출시한 Macintosh Quadra 610과 Macintosh Centris 610은 각각 밀접한 관련이 있는 Apple Computer의 Quadra 및 Centris 시리즈 개인용 Macintosh 컴퓨터입니다.

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What keyboard works with it?

I have a Macintosh Quadra 610 I just got to replace my old Powerbook 100. I need to know what keyboard will work with it, I found one that may work: Macintosh ADB appledesign keyboard M2980. Will that work?

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Ted Mayer, these are the specs for your computer:" I/O Devices

Keyboard Standard, extended, or adjustable keyboard connected through either of two ADB ports, Maximum power draw for all ADB devices: 500 mA, Keyboard draws 25–80 mA and here for the keyboard:" Apple ADB Design Keyboard model M2980 - Used, tested working.

Item: ApKey-M2980

The Apple Design Keyboard is the best looking, smoothest action keyboard Apple ever made.

This Apple keyboard connects to the ADB port on any beige Mac: from the Macintosh Classic all the way up to the G3 series (including the blue and white G3 and Mac clones with an ADB port) as well as ADB equipped PowerBooks. This modern, full sized keyboard has all the function keys; inverted T arrow key configuration; num, caps and scroll lock lights.


Will work with any Macintosh computer with an ADB connection

3' ADB cable is attached to keyboard

4 pin mini din connector

Has an 1 extra ADB port for a mouse or joystick

Has two angle settings (flat or tilted)

Total of 105 Key

So it looks like it's a go. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Any keyboard that connects through an ADB port should work for the computer,

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Brilliant but redundant.

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