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Screen not working, black


My imac A1207 20" screen is just black.

In a previous replacement of the cdrom I brake the siplzy cable and it worked badly, showing horizontal lines and a 256 color display.

After replacing the cable, I just dont have any image. I can only note that #1, 2 and #3 leds are grren solid and when I put the imac to sleep the #3 led goes off while the other two keeps on.

I really need this not so new machine to work. Any clue?

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really need help here... connecting an external pc screen doesn't give me any image, just the 'no video' signal. I dunno if in order to use an external monitor I have to do anything more than just connect it.

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Ouch! thats not good! - IF you can't get an external display working then the GPU unit is damaged.

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Dunno how can happend, the inverser cables are ok as I can see, and just when realising the display cable was broken the image where bad but it was a image... I think there is also some back light....

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I'm having the same problem. with 2 separate iMac 20" desktops. neither one will put a display up, but the iMac recognized that an eternal monitor is connected.

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There are a few different versions of the display cable depending on the LCD supplier. Sounds like you got the wrong cable.

Open up the system and locate the LCD info and give that to your supplier so you get the correct cable. Also post the info here and we can lookup the part number for the correct cable (your old cable should also have the P/N on it as well).

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the cable has the same number that the older one, anyways, when you say "open the system" you mean to seek for a number in the back of the screen? thanks

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