Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Keyboard and Trackpad Not Recognized

My old machine had been quite slow, so I opened it up to give it a cleaning. I removed a huge amount of dirt, put it back together, and things were flying for a couple of days. Then the keyboard and trackpad stopped responding. (The power button still works)

I then opened it back up to make sure that the connection to the logic board was clean and without any bent pins. Things looked good. So, without fully assembling the machine, I plugged it in and started it up. Still great. But then I put it all back together, and again the keyboard/trackpad isn't recognized. Is there something that I may be over-tightening? What else could be wrong? Please help.


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Remove the macbook battery and check if the battery has taken expension. Sometimes the battery is bulging and then compress the trackpad and the keyboard connection.

Remove the top case, check the trackpad/keyboard connections, reattach the top case to the macbook and try the machine without the battery installed. Let us know......

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The battery, while quite old, seems to be alright - no noticeable swelling or the like. Starting up from AC-Power alone doesn't make a difference, but like I posted, when I run the machine without the top-case secured, then it works fine. It seems to be a problem that occurs when I close everything down. It doesn't make much sense to me.

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well, make sure you install the right screws at the right locations and you dont need to apply much force on the case screws.

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