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My two year old Sanyo dp50710 plasma hdtv will not power up

i came home one night to find my two year old sanyo dp50710 off and with no power. i checked power cord many times then tried looking for answers. after long search i found one blog and took off the back of tv to look for dead fuse. before searching for the fuse i noticed my logic board had some partially frayed wires running to it. could this be the problem and if so what do i do next?

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Besides the model number, any chance you have a Chassis number for your TV. I believe that this is actually a Panasonic, sold by Sanyo and a chassis number would clear this up.

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Raylynn McIntosh, frayed wires are never a good thing. You can help us helping you, by posting a few images of your boards as well as the frayed cables. There are actually quite a few fuses that you can check. Use a multimeter and check for continuity. Also check the capacitors on the power board for any bulging or leaking.

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Hi , I have the same problem with the same model and yes its made by panasonic. MC127H36E13. Need help .

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orlandoriveratecnico so what have you checked and exactly what issues is your TV having? The more specific you are the more likely you are getting a suitable answer. MC127H36E13 is the number on the sticker for your C1 buffer board.

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