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How to replace JVC Camcorder GZ-MG630RU broken screen?

Hi I accidentally broke my JVC camcorders screen can someone help or show me how to fix it and where can I buy the replacement screen for this device

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Hi Tanveer,

I found a service manual for you here. Just click on the link where it says "Get manual" below the picture.

The LCD module has the part# QLD0538-001 (see part list of that download which is listed near the end of the PDF). You might want to google to find the best place where to order.

Considering the price of a new LCD module, you might want to check here or here for a used/broken camcorder from which you can take the working LCD.


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You might want to check this out.


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Thank you very much i am gonna check it out. The thing is I live in canada and the part on ebay is in us and shipping is like $30 for canada and its gonna cost me a atleast 75. but thankyou

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