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Why isn't Cisco Aironet 1130G wireless access point configuring?

I have a Cisco Wireless access point (Cisco Aironet 1130G series) connected to a laptop via an Ethernet cord. In order to configure it, I need the IP address. The IP address was supposed to be picked up via the DHCP server, but that wasn't working so I used the advanced IP address scanner to find it using the corresponding Mac address. However, when I entered the IP address into the web browser, and nothing came up. I cleared the IP addresses prior to that. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Do you have both your PC system, Cisco device and your down stream Internet connection (Cable modem etc..) all connected to a common hub? Is the hub a fixed speed device and is all of the connected devices all running at the same speed? You may need a switch Vs a hub which has independent speed sensing ports so you can inter-connect the devices together (if they are running at different speeds).

Also check your cables are the OK are they Cat5 or Cat5e (don't waste your money on Cat6 cables)

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