Disassembly Guide; also Replace Screen

DELL XPS 14z has broken Screen. This laptop appears to be Dell's answer to the Apple Airbook. The LCD/LED panel appears to glued in place similar to that of the Apple Air.

What are the steps needed to remove and replace the screen? What temperature is needed to loosen/melt the glue/double-sided tape holding the screen in place. Can a soldering iron be used to loosen the glue? ... or must I use a hot air source?

Which is the STRONGEST Suction Cups available for removing screens from Apples, tablets, and the newest laotops?

I can guess and try things. I am seeking advice based on the giver's experience.

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I found that you can use the iFixit Metal Spudgers and just pop the clips that hold in the outer ring and then pop the screen off. If your screen is broke then popping the plastic tabs wont hurt it.

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