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Nikon Coolpix S8000 Lens Error (in red)


Got a Nikon Coolpix S8000 with a problem called something like "Lens Error". I really do not know the precise error xlation into english because this camera here is in Finland and the language is accordingly finnish.

Anyhow the camera is completely stuck, lens "closed" and not to be seen or touched, the "lenshood" or whatever is covering the lens - is closed and does not open, it just tells about this error in red text on the display on the back. I'd need to know just how to fix this, anything I found on the net this far has been of no use. Disassemblying the piece and just where to look for what's stuck or needs some compressed air etc. related advice would be appreciated, thank you!

PS. I've already thied this remove battery and memory card thing, close down for 5 mins and just put the battery in -thing, no help whatsoever.

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Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can try that may correct your problem. If the camera is out of warranty (or repair cost approaches that of the camera), they're worth a try. Some of the later steps do involve some risk to the camera, so carefully weigh your options before deciding to conduct them:

Lens error troubleshooting steps

And here's a video summary of the steps:

Lens error troubleshooting video

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Sorry, no help there. That's besides far to general what is suggested, a specific S8000 video would maybe help. One cannot get to any menus or anywhere, the displayscreen with the errormsg. is locked. You can only power on and off, that is all. This camera even looks that much different that a service manual would be in order (not a user manual - I know where to get that what I don't need). Any suggestions where to get the service manual and/or a more specific video on the matter?

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