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Black screen, and iPod wont work

The ipod was working great with at-least 4 hours of battery backup, suddenly one day i took it out of my pocket and it had a black screen i tried resetting it but it didnt work, i tried Hold ON-OFF several time but it didnt work. Later i thought the battery would have drained and tried charging it, when i plugged in the charger pin i got the apple icon and it started charging so i left it for a day to charge. After a day when i removed the charger pin from the ipod it went back to the black screen again. It didnt show "connect to charger" or any message or symbol. Initially when it was working fine when the battery is completely charge i will get the "Full charged" icon but now its charging on and on forever but not showing its completely charged and as soon as i remove from the charger its turning off. I tried charging it by connecting with computer, different charger cables, different chargers,I am able to access the ipod with itunes everything seems fine and it goes to black screen as soon i remove the charger. Please help me out with this issue the ipod has a great sentimental value for me

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Hi !

Have you tried connecting your device to iTunes ? Does it appear connected ?

If it does, try restoring it. Mabe on a mac (on which restoring goes deeper). If it doesnt, start by replacing your battery. Your battery may be dead. Then, as a last hope, try & replace the display. You will find these parts and step-by-step guides to replace it yourself easily.

Hoping to have helped you !

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Thank You so much for your reply Vincent, the ipod appears to be connected in itunes and i able to use ipod at that time ie. the display comes ON and i am able to access everything in the ipod, and as you said i should try restoring the ipod or change the battery. I find it very strange on how could the battery go dead within hours when it was in my pocket. But thank you very much for your time

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While holding the home button down and volume up button, push and hold the power off button and hold that until you see the apple sign.

I did the above and my iPod 4th gen said, " the time is now 7:22 p.m."

My husband replaced my battery and I now have a black screen. I plugged the usb to my iMac and iTunes "sees" the iPod, but the finder (iMac) does not. I was able to make a backup while it was in iTunes. But the Restore Backup button is grayed out.

I just now opened iTunes and it detected my iPod wireless from my network. It is not showing up under devices in Finder on my mac.

My husband said a "cable" did not look right after he replaced the battery. He said he would have to open it up again to say where the cable was.

All help will be greatly appreciated.

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buy a new ipod

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This website has been created to avoid this kind of answers...

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