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When I install Snow Leopard, Select Drive option shows no drive.

I have a Mac Mini A1176. I have an install disk. I upgraded to a 1TB Hard Disk Drive. When I put the CD/DVD in with the Snow Leopard OS, it goes through the process. When it come to the option to select the drive you want to install the OS on, there is no HDD to select. When I look at the drives, I can see the 1TB hard disk drive, and the CD/DVD, so I know that it is connected. It just does not show up in the "select drive you want to install the OS on" option.

Any ideas, anyone?

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Perhaps you formatted the drive in other than GUID - a requirement to install a MacOS.

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Use Disk Utility in your startup disk to format your 1TB drive in the Mac Journalled choice.

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