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battery/charging issues with MacBook Pro

I have an older (2008) 17" Mac book Pro, with battery/charging issues. Recently we got the "service battery" warning, and the battery was showing a health of 45%. So we bought a new battery. The new battery arrived approximately 50% charged and it began to charge once we installed it, but showed 100% health, and only 1 cycle after the initial charge. We noticed that the little LED lights on the Magsafe connector would not always be on either green or amber. The system worked fine on the AC adaptor though. On checking we notice a couple of the little pins in the magsafe connector seemed to be stuck in a depressed position, and wiggling it around a little would SOMETIMES make the led function again and the battery would charge. Eventually it would no longer do that.

So we bought a new AC adaptor. Got that and plugged it in to a nice green LED. Decided to cycle the battery at least once so used it on battery power (which was now at 100%) until it went to sleep at about 5%. Several hours. We didn't time it. So we reconnected the adaptor and the computer works again on AC, BUT.... the battery is not charging. No LED on the magsafe connector comes on at all. The battery is still at about 5% charge and NOT CHARGING. The indicator in the menu bar indicates the battery IS CHARGED, and iStat pro says so too, but it's not. We have reset the PMU. System profiler reports the following... Any suggestions???

Battery Information:

Model Information:

Serial Number: ˇ

Manufacturer: Newer Tech

Device name: ASMB012

Pack Lot Code: 3230

PCB Lot Code: 30db

Firmware Version: ddae

Hardware Revision: dac2

Cell Revision: 2b39

Charge Information:

Charge remaining (mAh): 350

Fully charged: No

Charging: No

Full charge capacity (mAh): 6682

Health Information:

Cycle count: 2

Condition: Normal

Battery Installed: Yes

Amperage (mA): 0

Voltage (mV): 11094

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If this is a cheap chinese knock-off not from Apple it could be the battery. Batteries are know to be "bad right out of the box" - contact your vendor. Apple has been know to have had a bad batch of batteries.

And yes gunk builds up in the end of the magsafe... you can clean it when unplugged with and old tooth brush and some 99% alcohol... some dielectric contact cleaner is good too, let it dry for hours before using. Check the in port on the laptop too - crap builds up in there

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Today the amber LED came on and the battery charged. It did this after I had removed and flipped and removed and flipped the MagSafe adapter a few times. The battery charged up to 101.2%, and iStat Pro and System Profile both now report the battery is fully charged and no longer charging (as it should be). However, the LED never turned green and the Battery Health App says it's still charging so obviously there's a difference in how the three programs collect the data they report. iStat and Profiler are checking the battery status and Battery Health seems to be checking the LED indicator status. So there's still a problem. And in messing with the MagSafe connection, I'm now back to NO LED indicator at all, so it's pretty certain the problem is in the area of the MagSafe connector. I'll try cleaning it tomorrow and let you know how things work out. Aren't intermittent things FUN TO TROUBLESHOOT? LOL!

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Unplug the magsafe squirt a little dielectric contact cleaner in there and brush work the pins (springs) loose. If you have a bad ground pin you get no/funny orange light.

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