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What is compatible RAM with my machine? Upgrade

Hi all,

I would like to upgrade my Macbook A1185, but I dont know what is compatible RAM for it and how much it support .

Today is with 2 gb ( 1gb + 1gb) It is possible to upgrade to 4gb or more?

Thank you!

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The model number you gave, A1185, is the model number for your battery and not for your laptop. The model number for your laptop is printed on the bottom of your laptop. The serial number of your MacBook would also be good to know and would help us figure out which RAM you need for your MacBook.

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I am afraid you can't upgrade your mac. I couldn't seem to find specs on your model. What kind of processor does your macbook have? Is the case white or black?

Maybe this can help you identify your mac, but for all 3 models the RAM stays the same (up to 2GB)

Hope this helps.

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