Samsung Galaxy S 4G는 4-인치 AMOLED 터치 스크린 화면과 1GHz 프로세서를 장착한 Android 2.2-기반 스마트폰입니다.

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front glass broken repair. Risk?

My new's galaxy s4 front glass was broken. I watched the video for repairing it with the hair dryer.

Is it a big risk destroying the lcd with that procedure or if you are really carefull and delicate you have sure results?

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is it just the front glass?

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yes just the front glass.Screen functions.

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this is one guide to replace your screen

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you need a really hot hair dryer temp to do this is around 150 to 200 degrees (any higher and you will damage the LCD) its a slow process but if you have the patience its worth it then paying the huge cost of a new display. key pointers is go really slow like snail slow and make sure the screen stays hot. before you begin remove the battery and Logic board cause you may damage them. gloves and a laser thermometer help.

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