Which hard drives work for an 7th gen iPod classic?

Hy there,

I'll just write some information about my situation.

I just bought a broken iPod 160GB 7th generation which was sold as haven a defective hard drive. The iPod was still able to boot correctly before I opened it up.

Then I opened up my 120GB (6.5 gen) and tried connecting that to the 7th gen iPod. I could run diagnostic tool or boot into drive mode however every time I tried booting it up normally it would just restart after being stuck for a while on the apple logo.

And now if I connect the 160GB drive back to the 7th gen iPod it has the same problem.

So I'm wondering if it is because maybe I broke something while opening it or if the 120GB isn't good enough for a 7th gen iPod.

The reason I'm asking this is because I would like to buy a 240GB drive for the 7th gen iPod (since I know the 6.5 won't support it) but I also don't want to buy the expensive drive to discover the iPod is simply broken.

Edit: just looked at the logic board and it looks burned out so I guess I found my answer.

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So it is resolved because you have a bad logicboard?

Well no actually because I can still boot it into disk mode and diagnostic mode. And a part from the hard drive the diagnostic tool does not state any errors. However whenever I try boot normally it won't get into the menu.

As a side question: is the fact that the 120GB does not recognise more than 137GB a harware limitation or a software limitation? Because if it's the software I could rockbox it and it would then recognise the full 240GB.

What error do you get in diagnostic mode?

No error just some reallocs and a lot of pending sectors of the hard drive. And max temps is 254C.

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