What's the difference between 6.5th gen and 7th gen iPod classic?

Hy there, I have both a working 6.5 gen iPod classic (so 120gb version) and a non functionning 7th gen iPod classic (the current 160 gb version).

But as I opened both I saw that the 2 logic boards both cary the same model number (820-2437-A) so I was wondering how it comes that the 6.5 gen does not recognise more then 137gb of the larger drive and why the screen of the 7th gen does not work on the 6.5 version?

I would like to know this because I want to have/assemble a 240GB iPod.

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What drive do you have?

For the moment I have two original drives (MK1231GAL) the 120GB is from my iPod which is still working fine. The 160GB is from an iPod I bought on ebay and that drive is not functioning properly.

I would like to buy a 240GB MK2431GAH drive, which I read was compatible with almost e very iPod except the 120GB one.

Alexander van der Zee, the drive you have in mind is compatible with the iPod video 5th 30GB/60GB, iPod video 5.5th 30GB/80GB, and iPod classic 7th 160GB(thin version) but NOT for the 6th 160GB thick version! iPod classic 6th 80GB/160GB(thick)/6.5th 120GB will only show 128GB of the HDD,when installed. So not a good drive

Thank you, that is what I thought. However I am wondering how it comes that one is a 6th gen and another a 7th gen altough they both have the same logic board?

Remember that there is really no official 7th gen iPod. Everymac.com has a great right up :"As introduced on September 9, 2008, the Apple iPod classic (Late 2008/7th Generation) was equipped with a 120 GB 4200 RPM ATA-66 hard drive capable of supporting "up to" 30,000 songs in "128-Kbps AAC format" or "up to" 150 hours of video. On September 9, 2009, Apple upgraded the hard drive to 160 GB -- increasing the capacity to 40,000 songs or 200 hours of video -- and adding support for "Genius Mixes" via a software patch on September 28, 2009, but it otherwise essentially is identical. check on here http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/ip...

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