Model No. A1366 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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How to Raise stuck Power button without disasembeling it?

Well the power button is stuck , and it wont turn on, I got it about 1 1/2 years ago so I don't think there is still a warrantee on it. Can I take it to an apple store and have them fix it? if I can does it cost money? Can I do it at home without taking it apart? or is there a place where I can send it to get it fixed?

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pollytintop is correct but if you do this repair yourself you will damage the screen. it is vary difficult to remove without damaging it. if you do try the repair i recommend to first buy a new screen before attempting.

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simple answer is it needs to be disassembled to reach that switch, you can't do it from outside the device. there are plenty of places that this type of repair..use google and find one near to you. Or you could take a look at the repair guides linked on the right and see whether you want to try and do it yourself.

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I find the screen comes off easily with a little prying after heating it with a hair dryer. But there is no way to get the button unstuck without opening.

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