Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Replaced LCD, now no powerup!

I recently replaced the LCD on my black macbook A1181 13" (2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo). Now after reassembly I can not power on my mac. Also, I get a dull green light on my magsafe adaptor when connected. The battery was full (now at 3 dots). Did I fry my logic board? Or is it something less sever like the Magsafe board? Im considering jumping it to try to start it. Also considering putting the old cracked LCD screen back in to see if thats the problem. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank You


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You neglected to tell us if the screen was new, and if you matched the manufacturers part number. Recheck all the connectors (many reassembly problems are from connectors that "looked" or "seemed" right but were wrong or lose).

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I did not check the manufacturer part number, tho I now wish I had. It was a used display without loud assembly purchased from power book medic.

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Do you have access to an external monitor? If you do disconnect the LCD display connections and connect the external does the external display work? You don't say if the system was working at all before you started (with the cracked display).

Are you replacing the complete lid assembly or just the LCD alone? Are you sure you got the correct part? Don't try substituting.

Did you use proper ESD protection and are you sure you didn't damage something in the process of disassembly or reassembly? Also the display ribbon cable connector can be easily damaged and the cable can be incorrectly installed burning the fuse. Did you make sure you didn't damage it in the process.

As for the battery charger/battery - Do you have access to a second mag-safe power adapter to see if it is working correctly?

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I purchased a used LCD without the lid from PowerBook medic. So I guess I can only be sure it's the correct part as far as PowerBook medic is reputable. Before switching out the displays everything was working fine. I used an anti static wrist band grounded to the metal case for the entire operation. I'm not sure about the ribbon cable. I was careful, and I have *some* experience with macbook disassembly, for whatever that's worth. I did try another MagSafe as well. My only other display option is a projector with the proper macbook adaptor.

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So, a month after I last tried to power up, I plugged my macbook into the magsafe adapter. Lo and behold, an amber light. The machine now powers up and works like a charm. Does anybody have any explanation for why this might have happened?

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What you likely did was reset the SMC. Here's a Apple TN on the process so you can see how its related Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC). Whats odd here is why you needed to do a reset here. Disconnecting the battery & replacing the display shouldn't have needed it.

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A laptop with a dim green light will never power on and is not in a state in which it could even respond to an SMC reset...a dim green light means something is not right in the chain of components related to the system powering up -- loose RAM, cracks or corrosion on the board, the board maintaining a "bad charge" that needs to dissipate (probably likely in this case), a connection from the AC adapter to the DC-in that is not secure (sometimes a small object will get in there, keeping it from touching), etc. DC-ins on A1181s are really almost never the problem. A screen is not going to be the cause of a dim light -- even without a screen attached a laptop should power up fine.

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