My superdrive is not picking up any disc


My macbook pro 13 is just an year old and my super drive was working fine - last used 2 months back for installing windows 8 through bootcamp.

But today my super drive is not picking up any disc neither new nor already burned.

Exactly -- When disc is pushed inside, it tries to read it. Motor makes a sound and after 4-5 seconds it comes out.

please help

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Sounds like it could be damaged. Verify that the same problem exists in WinDUHows... if it doesn't it could be a boot camp, WinDUHows issue. If it does then it seems the drive has failed. This happens. DIY replacement (there is no DIY repair for these drives) is something you have to decide upon.

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yes the same problem exists in windows bootcamp also!

i bought mbp an year ago and haven't used it much, there must be some way.

Is there anyway to DIY (as you mentioned i have to decide upon?) if not then what are my other options?

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If you have Apple Care talk to Apple. If not you have to replace the drive. Only you know if you can DIY or if you have to pay someone else. If you do it- purchase the recommended tools. Every job is easier when you use the proper tools.

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