The display is working but very dim.

The display on my A1211 is dim. The brightness controls work, but the screen does not get as bright as it used to. Do I need to replace the entire display?

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It sounds like the CFL's are going on you.

Yes, you could replace the entire display assembly (lid & all) with a used unit which if your not to handy would be the easiest.

You can replace the LCD panel unit alone. While some work it would be cheaper. You do need to take out your current unit to ID which unit you have (you need to order the same one).

Or, you can replace the CLF's alone by disassembling the LCD panel. While its a bit of work it would be the cheapest fix. You do need to be very careful with the CLF's as they are very fragile, and you do need to have a good soldering iron.

The last thing here is you often need to change out the inverter cables and the inverter as well. You could try doing that first. both are still a bit of work.

And of course you could get a new system ;-}

Rumors are swirling of a new MacBook Pro coming out before the end of the year.

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