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The Golf Mk4 was first introduced in August 1997, followed by a notchback version (VW Bora or, in North America, again VW Jetta) in August 1998 and a new Golf Variant (estate) in March 1999.

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My VW Golf Hard start, how do I resolve this problem?

My VW Golf has a hard start whereby i have to start it more than 2 to 3 times for the ignition to get the car started. Can everyone help show me how to fix this problem.



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Hi Lawrence, I'm not a mechanic but it would probably be helpful to add more detail. I'd suggest adding something like "i can hear the normal sound of it wanting to start but it doesn't catch until the 3rd time" and/or "the first two times there's no sound at all and third it starts normally"... cheers and good luck having a sick car sucks!

I can hear the normal sound of it wanting to start but it doesn't catch

Yes yes that is exactly the problem

Crankshaft sensor is responsable for the major probs in vw cars. Isnt expensive and if car is over 100 k km is advisibe to replace it

My golf too has a hard start 2 to 3 times but i can't hear any sound of it wanting to start It just starts.. and most times it raises the revs once i switch into packing position . But it drives smoothly

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Take it to AutoZone and get a free computer diagnostic. Then you'll know what may need to be fixed.

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Good morning sir? Pls which scantool works flawlessly with vw golf mk 3 1993 model and above?

Blusher I don't know of any. As for working flawlessly, it hasn't been invented, even a hammer doesn't work flawlessly ;-)

I,can not start it a tall

My 1.6 polo doesn't wanna start it makes as if it will stard but doesn't.I replaced strubutor since old 1 had cracks.What might be a problem start also get hot.

Please help I parked it and when I have to drive it could not start.Starter also get hot.

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Hi, i have a 1.6 Golf mk1 carb 1995 petrol. I battle to start the car in the morning, 1st and 2nd and up to 5times i need to start it before it takes.Sometimes when i try to start it, its like there is a miss somewhere, but if i drive, it drives normal, and when i switch the car off , and start it again, i battle again.. Can anyone give me advice of how to solve this problem.

Thank you

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Did you end up fixing the problem? I am having the same issue.

I had that kind of problem but ultimately the Machanic fixed the carburetor now is much better

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well it helps if ya say its a gas od diesel engine to start

if its diesel engine it has 4 diesel heater in each cilinder usually after 150 000 kms or sometimes before its adviceable to change coz it doesnt heat as before and the end of the heater that is inside the cilinder cant get incandescent so its a sinonym of a bad start of engine.

and more if just one of these heaters is failing ...the engine might start but till it heats makes lots of smoke

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my golf 5 2006 model, when i refill my tank it will refuse to start.

Good evening., my is elvis. I have a problem with my golf. car. Is not starting at all. There is no correct in the plugs wires. and the carbrator is not receiving fule. What will i do.

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Mk 1 don't have speed sensor or CKP sensor so I think your ignition timing jumped like 3 to 5 belt teeth.

Also Check number 16

And 18 fuse respectively be sure there are intact.

Your fuel pump is directly mounted on the engine block if it's bad can cause hard start, I am also having a feeling there is clog somewhere within your fuel system that is cutting the quantity of fuel going into your combustion chamber 80% off like clogged fuel filter or something.

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1995 vw golf can't never be vw mk1, you are confusing mk 3 for 1,

vw mk 1 production started in 1974 and ends in 1983,

vw golf mk 2 started 1983 and stopped production in 1992

mk 3 production began in 1992 and end production in 1998

If your car is 1995 from the vin or chasis number 10th digit, then your car is Mk 3 not mk1 fully electric carb from Robert bosch company or direct injected. Mk one is not electric carb although some have part electric choke and rest manual carb.

You need to stipulate clearly if it's 1.6 L, 2.0 or 2.2 L direct injected cos this engine model have features that 1.8, 1.9, 1.3 L vw golf engine don't have, like some sensors like CKP and MAF sensors.

So that folks who don't have a comprehensive historic knowledge of vw golf mk won't give you a random answer like I did previously before looking at your poor information presentation.

Good day a year ago i lost my mazda 2liter in an accident and working in a ministry it became very hard to continue doing what we do with out a car. Well recently an old lady told me she is giving me a car its a blue and white citi golf i dont know much about golf but this lady says its a 1992 model can anyone tell me is it mk1 . 2 Or what and is golf a good car? ive been told they are very heavy on petrol? Can someone advise me

Hi Blusher, in South Africa the MK1 golf was build until 2009. The later ones even had fuel injection, air conditioning , new dash interior and I think power steering.

Hi, my citi Golf fuel injection starts perfectly, idles smooth, but when I drive it jerks heavily as if it's searching all the time

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My sons Golf was hard to start when it was hot. I was told it's the speed sensor. I purchased one and replaced it. It's located right behind the oil filter so you must remove oil and filter first. There are two bolts that hold it in place, you can't see them, but you can feel them. It wasn't that difficult to replace. Now the car starts everytime. It doesn't stall out either.

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It has a bucking noise after hard start

I had a similar problem with my 2001 VW Golf 1.8 turbo. A mechanic advised me that the speed or crank shaft sensor may be bad. It’s the one right behind the oil filter. I changed it myself and that fixed the problem. Good luck. Henry

salam para master vw sy punya masalah dengan vw golf mk4 gti 1.8 mesin tidak bisa hidup karena mobil cukup lama tidak dipakai,terima kasih info petunjuk

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My daughter’s 2003 Mk4 VW Golf wouldn’t start all of a sudden, after performing flawlessly for 2 years after purchasing it used with 230,000 kms on it. Turned out that we had to replace the Speed Sensor. In Vancouver BC, that turned out to be a $500.00 CAD job. Ouch!

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Golf5 GTI granck but not starting engine

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I have the same problem on MK6 GTI DSG. When the car is hot is takes time to start and when it starts the needle sit on Zero and goes back to 90 while I am driving. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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My vw golf GL 1.8 of 1994 would not start until i crank like five times. The high tension cable only show a spark at the reliese of crank. Bt during cranking no spark. This began after a week break without driving it.

It again lost the ability to unlock all doors using a key. I used to unlock and lock all doors using a central lock key (driver’s side)

Any idea good people?.. Am jackson. Email stonykimson.sk@gmail.com

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How old is the car's battery?

How far do you drive on a normal journey? Frequent short trips may not give enough time for the battery to recharge fully and recover from the charge lost in starting the engine and over a period of time of doing these short trips the battery could actually be "discharging" and losing its' effectiveness.

Check the condition of the car's battery as it may not have the depth of charge to provide the necessary power when required.

Use a DMM (Digital Multimeter)- Voltmeter function, to check the battery voltage.

A good battery should measure ~12VDC.

With the engine running check the voltage across the battery to ensure that it is in the range of 13.8-14.5VDC to ensure that the battery is being charged OK by the alternator. Because you will be working in the engine bay area be safety aware when you do this as the engine is running . Also ensure that the car is in neutral or park with the handbrake applied

If it is not a sealed battery, check the specific gravity (SG) of the electrolyte in all the cells with a hydrometer to check the state of charge of the battery. Also check that the electrolyte is at the correct level in each cell. A reading of 1.2 or less indicates a discharged cell and the battery would need to be charged correctly to see if the SG increases. If it doesn't the cell may be faulty

If it is a sealed maintenance free battery check the "State of Charge" indicator on the battery to see whether it says, OK, charge or replace.

If you haven't got the equipment or expertise to test the battery, go to a car battery service centre and get them to check the battery for you.

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My car (MK5 1.9 TDI: BKC ENGINE), is hard to start with lots of smoke. i replaced crank shaft sensor and it worked or started for few weeks before its does this again.

can anyone help please


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