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I dropped my iPhone 5s today

I dropped my iphone 5s(gold) today (with case on,and the case was broken). The bottom part near the earphone plug has a hole. Is there any possible that I can have it fixed? I called apple today and they said its costs $260 something to have it repaired. Or should I purchase the AppleCare right now? How will it works by purchasing that program? Do I still have to pay extra? And will they repair it for me although it's my fault? Thank you

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If you can still get AppleCare for it I would do that ASAP!

Wait a few days before you try to get it fixed though.


IF is dependent on when you bought your phone as it's so new you might have a chance on getting is covered under AppleCare just by going to the store you bought it to sign up. But time is the issue here... Every minute counts!

At this point I think you've lost your window as they just give you just a few days of grace period to change your mind without needing to see the phone.

Now they may ask to see the phone which of course you don't want to let them see as it's clearly broken.

Do you have any home owners or renters insurance? They may cover some of the costs. Does the carrier offer any insurance?

Otherwise your on the hook for the $260 - 300 it will cost you to get your phone repaired (replaced). And if you can after you get your phone repaired do signup for AppleCare as it will save you next time.

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How can I get AppleCare now? And do you know how much will it be to fix my phone? Will they really accept my case ?

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