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over heating fan control!

I need to know how I can increase the fan speed on my desktop running OSX 10.8.5

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Can you give us the last four digits of your serial number so we can correctly ID your system.

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Often an overheating system is in need of a good cleaning of dust buildup inside and if needed refreshing the thermo paste on the CPU & GPU's.

Have you downloaded any temperature & fan monitoring software? I would start there. I like Temperature Gauge which you can download from the Apps Store. Tell us what you discover is running hot.

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The suggestion of cleaning was a very good direction. Even though I did not get the Temperature Gauge from the App Store, the vacuum did work. Thank you for help.

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I'm happy it was just a dust problem. It sounds like you didn't open up your system. You may want to still do that following the proper IFIXIT guide.

Generally, I don't recommend using vacuums as they tend to create static which can hurt your system (ESD)! it's better using a soft brush and can'ed air to carefully scrub the dust loose and then blow it away with the can'ed air. In any case if this answer answered your question please remember to mark it accepted.

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