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Installing a kingston 120 ssd

My macbook pro 15 hard drive crashed. I replaced the hard drive with a kingston x110 SSD.

I have a fresh copy of mountain lion and I expected it would guide me through the process of installation formatting and partitioning my drive but it does not.

When I get to the step to select the disk where to Install the Mac OSX there is no drive shown.

I go to disk utilities and it does show the disk as unformatted.

How can I format this drive?

I do not have another Mac that I can use to format this drive.

Anyone with solution?

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Yes, you do need to partition & format the partition you created.

Here's a good write up on the process The Master Guide to Formatting a Hard Drive and here's a YouTube vid Reformatting & Installation - Mac OS X Lion.

Review these and try it again, let us know how it goes.

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