Spilled beer on it, wont turn on, what parts might be damaged?

MacBook 13" Unibody (Model A1342) Late 2009

Hi all!

I spilled a glass of beer on my MacBook keyboard a few days ago, I let it dry out etc.

Now the situation is as follows:

I opened and completely dis- and reassembled the computer. There was very little liquid at the logic board, only two drops or so, some of it around the battery connector.

I cleaned everything.

NOW the problem: It wont turn on. No sleep light, no sound, nothing.

The only reaction I can get out of it is a green and then yellow light when plugging in the charger.

Does anybody have an idea what might be damaged?

I thought it might be something with the power button, maybe the signal to turn on doesnt reach the logic board?

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Haha cool machead :D

I actually tried that (jumping the connectors) without even seeing your comment and it worked :)

Wohoo, no i only have to find an upper case thats not to expensive

Thanks people for your help!!!

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While you were cleaning you should have checked for corrosion, burn marks, swollen components. Following the information from some of the tags on the right will let you see what you are in for.

By not removing power immediately you likely might have damaged the logic board. Certainly the keyboard/top case/power on button have been damaged.

You might be able to power on the unit by jumping the startup Replaced MagSafe board, computer won't power on. Suggestions?. This has the possibility of doing more damage, but at at this point (non-working computer) you have little to lose.

Sounds like you also need a new DC-in Board, possibly a battery, and at least a top case. I guess before I ordered those parts I'd see if it would force start.

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You uppercase will have to be replaced as it has shorted out. Only then will you know if it also got to the logic board. My experience has show that the logic board only needs to be replace 20% of the time. Here's a video and the guide for doing it: MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Upper Case Replacement

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