Audio jack suddenly stopped emitting sound.

When I plug a headphone in the audio jack of my Macbook Unibody White A1342 I notice that the system recognizes it by stop using the speakers and raising the volume but I hear no sound.

There's no red light coming out of the jack and I started suddenly with no liquid spills or other accident.

Any hints on how to troubleshoot this?

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Check the headphones in another device. If they don't work their either they are suspect. Some are worth repair, some are not (you'd need soldering tools and time).

If they work in another device follow some of the tags at right for some troubleshooting repair steps for your Macbook. A workaournd if the port is damaged (you can't repair them) is a USB audio adaptor. USB audio is separate from analog/digital audio.

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Yes the headphones do work on other devices. There's only one answer that's similar but it did not solve the problem.

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I'd try the workaround... it's a good, cheap and easy fix.

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