White screen, but all works fine on external display.

Here's what I've got -

iMac 20" 2 GHz Intel Core 2 duo, 2GB 667 MHz ddr2 sdram serial number - W873688AX85

The problem -

power on "chime" screen turns on and stays white.

connected to external display, disconnected internal display, the connector with two screws holding it down to the board, and at power on boots and shows up on external display.

What I've done -

SMC reset

unable to do a PRAM, it wouldn't respond

I replaced the harddrive - WD caviar blue 500gb SATA III 7200rpm 16mb cache WD5000AAKX

Installed Mountain Lion 10.8.5 with the iMac display disconnected, (the plug directly to the right of the wireless card), and connected to external display. One partition.

Did all of the current updates

Still nothing.

All four LED's to right of RAM slots above SATA connection come on when internal is connected but only first three come on when disconnected.

Any thoughts on what to replace now?

Thanks for any help.

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