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Do I Need to Replace my Control Board?

Earlier today, I was playing MotorStorm: Apocalypse. When I was done, I quit the game and went to eject it. It would not eject. I noticed the LED lights were not on. I ejected the game via XMB. I then shut off the system as I usually do with my controller. I went to turn the system back on, but it wouldn't. There was no LEDs again. I figured I had a PSU failure after reading several articles, posts, etc, so I purchased a spare PSU online. Afterwards, I began reading that the problem may be motherboard related and could actually be YLOD. One thread said one way to figure that out is to put a disk partially into the disk drive to trigger the system. If that happens, the motherboard is the problem. Sure enough, that's what happened. I tried a second time, this time with my HDMI plugged into my TV. The system booted fine, using the disk method. And if I had YLOD, I don't think I would've been able to play all my downloadable games (I'm not risking putting a disk based game in just yet). I could even use my DualShock 3 to turn on/off the system. It appears the fault is with my control board in the front of my system. Everything seems to work except for the i/o button, the eject button, the front LED lights.) I saw the guide here, but the control boards are sold out. Does anyone have suggestions?

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Its most likely the ribbon cable that connects the control board and it can be replaced for $2

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