this computer can only take 3GB max.

I ordered 2x2GB sticks before I knew better, only to discover that this computer can only take 3GB max. Fortunately, I was able to return one of them and kept one of the original 1GB sticks in the other slot, for a total of 3GB (which works fine).

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What do you mean by "interleaf" when using two 2GB sticks?

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Maybe this will help explain Wiikipedia - Interleaved Memory

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Thanks for the link. Do the two sticks have to be the same brand for it to work, or just the same capacity?

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You want a matched pair (same brand & series)

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Your system can support both 2GB sticks, yes it will only use the 3GB. But that 1GB loss offers interleaf were as using the one 1GB & one 2GB sticks loose that. Don't forget to update your EFI firmware.

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