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Replaced keyboard now function keys mapped wrong

I replaced my keyboard and all the keys work fine except the function keys - they are mapped wrong according to my model. For example my F12 key instead of turning up volume takes me to the dashboard. - Please help

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If sounds like you have the older revision of the keyboard (Apple altered things)

One option is you can do but replace it once again with the newer rev board if you want the newer mapping.

You can also move the key caps around as needed and you can remap the keys them selves with the keyboard actions (in case the icons are wrong).

If you want you can also go to the Keyboard control panel and alter the keyboard shortcuts functions as well.

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i forgot to clarify - I kept my keyboard that I had for my model A1261 macbook pro 17" and changed out the top case - my old case was bent so I had to get it changed so the macbook would close - after the change the function keys went wonky.

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Then it sounds like you have a damaged keyboard in the process of moving it about. New keyboard time ;-{

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do you think the ribbon attaching the keyboard to the top case the white colored one - could have gotten damaged ? and that would cause this to happen ?

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