Which Keyboard can I use as replacement?


I have my mothers MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Mid 2010 Serial: W80222UJF5X and I am looking for a keyboard replacement, because of a liquid spill. I know that it is a bit tricky, but I have some experience and would like to try to repair it myself.

Unfortunately I cannot find the right keyboard replacement. I am a bit confused by modelnumber and missing part number. It is a US-Keyboard. Do you know where I can get the right one, or how do I know if it is the right one?

Another question is: Do I have to replace the backlight of the keyboard as well?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Part Number(s): 661-5396, 661-5590, 818-1098, 605-2396

take the whole palmrest to save your energy


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thanks for your quick answer! I am in Germany right now.

would this also work?


those partnumbers are for the whole upperbody right?

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I dont speak german but it seems to be the right one

My partnumbers were for the whole palmrest with keyboard

If you are confident with replacing the keyboard and have free time go for it

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