Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Using my MacBook Pro with the battery uninstalled.

OK , this might be a very stupid question but need to ask it anyway. I have uninstalled the battery due to it being damaged (was almost going to explode). I have ordered a new battery but the company through which i ordered it through wants to keep my mac for a day with them.

I have uninstalled the battery using the video that you guys posted, so i can put the new one by myself, but the company refuses to give me the battery.

The only way i can trust them with the PC is if i take some files off it before handing it over to them. Now to my question, will the pc work without having a battery in it just through the power cable plugged in???? (that way i can take those files off)


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Some models will not boot without a battery connected. I'm not sure about yours… try it. If it wont start it' likely because there is no battery present.

FWIW you can remove the drive and put it in an external case to access your data…OWC sells them.

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Thanks man, im just scared that i might cause bigger damage by plugging the power cable in without a battery inside....

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Take care to keep the inside of the machine insulated… you can remove the battery, semi-reasemble (you don't have to put back every screw, or tighten them down). Attach the cord… you can'd do any harm that way… it will, or it wont start.

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Find another company to order from. There is no reason for them to take your machine except to extort you.

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