Model A1311 / Mid 2011 / 2.5 & 2.7 GHz Core i5 or 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processor

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USB cannot tether to DSLR Camera

I am a professional commercial photographer, and I typically shoot directly to my computer, either a laptop, or an imac.

I purchased a 21.5in mid 2011 imac (OSX 10.7.5) a few years back and the usb port never tethered to the camera at all.

I have tested the camera and the USB cord on other computers, and they are not the problem.

My initial solution was to purchase a powered USB hub, and that solution worked well until about a month ago. At first the camera would disconnect from the software and I would have to unplug the USB and turn off the camera. Then plug in the USB and power the camera back up. But it's getting less and less reliable. Disconnecting the camera every 3 frames or so.

All the USB ports on the imac works. I use harddrives, flash card readers, etc. All works fine.

I have since purchased a 27in late 2012 imac, and can connect the same camera and cord and software combo directly to the USB 3 port, with perfect success.

But I would still like to be able to fix the old computer for a backup if needed.

Can anyone guess at what the issue might be? and provide a solution I can try. Thanks so much!

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What USB port are you using the one on the back of the system or the keyboard if you have a wired version? And what OS-X are you running now on it (are you still on 10.7.5)?

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Try a new self-powered USB hub - there's probably a power draw issue.

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Most likely the hub's power unit is failing. But he could be using the keyboard port which is only 1.1 Vs 2.0 USB and doesn't offer power. The systems USB ports do offer power (should be enough to run his camera) but could have a blown fuse link (killing the power service and the reason he needs the powered hub).

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I am using the ports on the back of the computer. And if the power unit is failing on the USB ports, wouldn't a USB powered HDD not work also? is there a way to test the output of the USB port? splice an old USB Cable? and then, what do I measure, and what's it suppose to read?


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You could be stretching things out if you have all of the ports in use with power hungry devices. A USB powered HD plus your camera maybe pushing the limits of this systems USB power services. Try using a powered hub.

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Thank you, Yes, I am using a powered hub with only the camera attached. And nothing attached to the imac USB (only the pwered hub). The camera still drops connection after a few shots.

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OK, what happens when you connect the camera directly to the systems USB port alone (nothing else plugged in). Any difference?

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