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Why is my MacBook not reading my cds?

My macbook pro is no longer reading cds , everytime i insert a disk it makes a weird noise and after a a few seconds my macbook then releases my cd back out to me.

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Have you tried using a CD/DVD head cleaner disk? Try Radio Shack or other electronics store.

You could also try a short blast of compressed air (can'ed air) being careful not to allow the liquid to come out by sticking the straw in the middle of the drive slot slightly.

If that fails then its possible the drive is no longer working. You could try running AHT to test things out. It's not to difficult to replace for a first time repair job.

As you didn't tell us what model of MacBook Pro thats as far as we can go here. If you can give us the last four digits of your serial number we can identify your system and point you to the correct IFIXIT guide and maybe a source for the part as well.

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