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What type of Antenna cable is used for the Cellular interface

I have been investigating cables which can interface with the cellular terminal of the iphone 5c, having little luck.

I contacted cable "experts" which lead me to the u.fl type (fyi, thats not it)

i narrowed my search to the w.fl, x.fl, MHF4, ipex types, however there are so many measurements and parameters after finding the correct size, function etc.

I got another cable in this morning, CAB.S01 and it still does not seem to fit well. However it does fit better than the previous cable CAB.A02

The inside dielectric seems smaller than the CAB.A02 (I also bought a CAB.R01, but the dielectric is similar size to the CAB.A02)

It seems like the cable is a little too large than the mount. attach are new pictures.

from the attached, you will again see the iphone cable on the left (with the circular center clip ring) and the CAB.S01 on the right (with the two parallel clip)

size seems ok, however im not sure if the outside grounding ring is touching the terminal or not.

Maybe from these updated pictures, you could get better idea of what type of connection this iphone needs.

Another attached picture is the terminal of the iphone. I have measured the diameter to be about .0052 inches (.13 mm) but my calipers are larger, and i am not sure how accurate this is for the type of connector i need (for example, suppose i measure .0057 inches, that would be .144 mm)

ill donate paypal money to the person that finally figures this out...this has been on my table even before the iphone5 came out...

Thanks again for any help.


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Your attachments didn't make it.

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Apple has been using the same antenna connector system on the iPhone & iPads for quite sometime so I'm at a loss why you think otherwise.

Maybe you need to explain what you are up to here. Are you trying to repair the logic boards or are you trying to attach something onto the logic board?

Put your wallet back into your pocket this is a self help forum, we don't accept payments for our answers or options.

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Sorry to make you frustrated, The payment comment was only a joke.

I basically want to connect an external antenna (dipole, yagi, etc.) to the iphone.

I agree that apple has been using the same type of connector for a while, i see a similar connection on the previous models. However the cable to connect to these ports i.e. wifi antenna and cell antenna are different sizes.

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OK, so the issue is the cable not the connection per-say. As to the coax cables dimensions, yes, they would be different as the frequency of the signals are very different. As to wiring up an external antenna the phone is not really designed in a way to add it without effecting other things internally. These phones are very tight. I would think it would be impossible to route an antenna connection externally.

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I would think a cellar relay or hotspot with an external antenna would be a better solution if you are in an area where signal strength is an issue Vs altering your phone.

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