Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66, 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processors

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Keyboard and Track pad issue after replacing thermal paste

Hello last night i relapsed the thermal past of my mac (it was very dusty also) after i cleaned it and put it back together, i powered the mac on, it started and after it booted in to OSX the fans started spinning at top RPM

The track pad is not working, and the keyboard does not work as well!

After i reopened the PC, i discovered that i snapped the track pad ribbon cable :/ and the tiny ribbon that comes from the keyboard to the motherboard seems twisted ( i figured that that`s the temp controller, and its the reason for the fans spinning at top rpm) And the keyboard was stuck to the mobo (where the cpu is) so as i removed the motherboard i had to unstuck it...

So my question is:

Can the Macbook pro start without a keyboard? Or its the ribbon of the track pad, that is the issue, and coz of it the PC wont recognize the keyboard?

And how can i change the small ribbon cable (bottom right, comes under the right fan its a small tiny ribbon)

Or i`ll have to change the keyboard also? Right now i am not sure if the keyboard actually failed... it does not work though, no lights also!

Can any one that delt with similar problems answer me ? Thanks!

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You will need to disconnect the keyboard and track pad and then try using an external USB keyboard & mouse. Otherwise it sounds like you'll need a whole new top case as the ribbon cable is part of the keyboard which in turn is part of the top case.

As to the fan that doesn't sound good either. If it no longer works you'll need to replace it as well.

Given all of your problems. You might want to go to the Apple Store and have them fix it. In the long haul I think you'll find it cheaper. - Good Luck!

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Well it does work with a usb keyboard and mouse just fine, as far as the tiny ribbon, well there are hole keyboard sets including back light (illumination) and the small ribbon comes from that cover so what we concluded in a local apple service store is that i`ll need a track pad ribbon, and a hole keyboard set... And for the ribbons, i really didnt expect them to be made of metal, thats why and how they snapped, as i was placing them back i twisted them and they broke :/ Luckily those components are fairly cheap...

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