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optical drive not working

My MacBooK Pro 15" A1226 wouldn't eject a CD so I took it out manually. I was able to get it and put it all back together, but now the drive won't 'pull in' CDs or DVDs. Any suggestions?

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When you first had the CD in the optical drive and tried to eject it did it make any noise? Also did it clear the icon off of your desktop or was it still there after you restarted your system?

I assume when you place the CD into the slot now you don't hear anything (no motor sounds), correct?

If that is the case you'll need a new optical drive. Apples part info: SuperDrive 8x (661-4279). Other units will also fit and work. Look on eBay. Here's the IFIXIT Optical Drive replacement guide.

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When the CD was in there, it was recognized by the computer but it just wouldn't eject. It would make noise as though it was tying to come out but couldn't. Once I took it out manually the icon was not on my computer anymore. And yes it would not make any motor sounds when I try to put in a CD now. I'm trying to see if there's anything else I can do before having to buy a new superdrive, but thanks! I'll start looking into the cost.

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