Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Should the stickers on the ram slot be removed before Iso bath?

Long story short, my sister's MacBook Pro has been dead for a while due to her cat peeing on it while it was running.

She gave it to me to see if there was anything I could do with it. I have been cleaning the logic board with Iso alcohol and a soft tooth brush.

Got all of the urine residue off but there is some corrosion on the motherboard in major spots where the cat urine was.

I decided to give it an Iso bath after reading several different recommendations and just put it in. I noticed there was stickers on the Ram slot and they already look very saturated.

Should I remove the logic board from the Iso bath and then remove the stickers on the ram slot and then put it back in the bath?

Or is it ok to leave as is?


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I'm not sure if isopropyl alcohol is the best thing here to clean cat pee.

You really need to look at the chemistry on what was spilled and then find the best cleaner for it. Straight distilled water is the my first choice. Then I add to it depending on what I need to clean (a little: baking soda, bleach, or vinegar). And, yes I still use isopropyl alcohol to clean off grease and oil residue and to leverage it's drying power.

Dipping the entire logic board into alcohol only makes sense if you got your system really wet with rain or fresh water. But thats after first dipping it into a few baths of distilled water to dilute anything thats in the lake or pond water.

As for the stickers as long as they stay were they where I won't worry. If they are loose then take them off for now. You don't want to loose them they have useful info on them for anyone servicing your system in the future.

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