How to wipe computer when logic board is shot

So my logic board is shot and I want to sell the laptop for parts, but want to wipe it clean before doing so. Can anyone tell me how I can clean off all of my info, etc. when I can't even see what's on the computer?

I do have capability of connecting to another mac via firewire.

Thank you!

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If you plan to get a new system you may want to just take your current hard drive out and place it into an external ThunderBolt, FireWire or USB3 case. As the HD has all your data, removing it removes the risk of anything personal getting into the wrong hands.

Besides, a spare HD can always be useful for your self ;-}

If the drive is not working then remove it as you would above but this time you can drill a hole though the case into the platters or disassemble the drive to then more aggressively damage the platters which have the your data. Then you can safely dispose of the remains.

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You can use a Universal Adapter to access the drive or get an external enclosure:

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