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Samsung Galaxy S3는 안구-추적 기능, 늘어난 저장 용량 및 무선 충전 옵션을 갖춘 멀티-터치, 슬레이트-형식 스마트폰입니다.

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Why is my screen black but my phone is still turning on?

Ok so i dropped my phone a few billion times and it just got a few cracks but about 2 days ago when I dropped it i picked it up and the screen was on but it wouldn't respond to my touch and it was white pink and blue. Then when I turned it on later the screen was black but like had pinkish lines that sort of followed where my cracks were and if I pushed on a specific spot if would show a part of my screen but still no response to my touch. And now its just a blank screen but the LED thing is blinking because its telling me i have a text message. HELP

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Sounds like you finally broke the lcd and digitizer.

Pink and blue lines on lcd is a typical sign of failuer.

Also when glass is broken, moisture can find it's way into the phone.

I recommend replacing screen and digitizer.

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