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Vertical lines/bands on Sony Bravia KDL-46EX710

This 2.5 yr old LED 46" TV started one day to show white spots over the screen as if a poor aerial (on an old analogue TV). This progresses to narrow vertical bands of pixels flashing different colours on top of the normal picture. The bands are not solid but more like a long coloured flashing barcode This then then finally degrades to vertical bands of white flashing bar codes that cover 70% of the normal picture.

When the TV is cold i.e. overnight is off, it will start and operate perfectly for 15 mins then the white spots, coloured vertical and final white bands/barcodes occur over the next say 5 mins.

All other TV operations work perfectly, menus etc. Is this a LCD screen problem or a board replacement i.e. the TCON ?? board. The TV only has 3 computer type boards in the back with mainly plugin connectors and cables so swapping a board looks possible

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Any ideas,


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"it will start and operate perfectly for 15 mins", check the capacitors on the power board for any signs of bulging, leaking or other issues. Can you post an image of what your screen looks like, as well as your boards, with your question?

looks like a bad Tcon board

Thanks for your advice,

I've been away and so haven't had a chance to pull the back off again and take pictures of the boards. I remember everything looked brand new and all visible components, soldering and connectors appeared AOK.

Surprisingly there was no dust, as if I had just sprayed CO cleaner over everything.

Have since left TV on for a day and it occasionally flickers back to a normal picture for 4 or 5 seconds and then back to the bands. I keep reading about these TCON boards so now I'll have to find out where to buy one to try out. It appears it is this or buy a new TV unless Sony Australia come to the party.

lyleg, take a look and see if you find something that identifies which chassis number your TV is, probably something like AZXXX. That would help to get the schematic etc.

See new attached photos of TV with back off. You can see what a terrible witness I would be as there only two boards really the central one has a metal cover and is is part of the screen itself.

Metal back of screen/panel has written TMA9015 Model # T460HW04 V.5 AU Optronics.

Viewed from back LHS board A1754373A

RHS is where all the external AV connectors are has # A1754490C

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lyleg, is the image I attached a representation of what you are looking at?

Block Image

Check this and see what it shows you.


For errors with symptoms such as “power sometimes shuts off” or “screen sometimes goes out” that cannot be confirmed, it is possible to

bring up past occurrences of a failure for confirmation on the Self Check diagnostic screen:

1. TV must be in standby mode. (Power off).

2. Press the following buttons on the Remote Commander within a second of each other:

DISPLAY==> Channel 5==> Volume - ==> POWER .

  • NOTE: This differs from accessing Service Adjustments Mode (Volume +)

Block Image

This is what your T-con board looks like.

This image show what the boards do:

Block Image

and here is the remote with the appropriate key sequence to access the SERVICE ADJUSTMENT MODE

Block Image

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Hi 03

Yes your image is what I am looking at. Due to family mayhem around table/TV I put the back cover on again , but it is very easy to remove

On my remote for the first key stroke I assume you mean the display info button ie (i+) symbol on my keypad

Remote similar to mine

After the suggested sequence. A listing appears but at present due to the banding being prominent I can't read any of the 14 codes displayed. Will have to wait till set sits for another few hours

Thanks Lyle

Lyle, that sounds about right. It would be interesting to see what the self diagnostic will show. Hey, I understand mayhem....;-)

Finally managed to get error codes but nothing to show. See picture attached above.

Screen is getting worse and covers over within 1 minute ( not 15 as per previous)

I'd start with the T-con board unless you find anything on the caps on the power board.

Thanks for all your help. Any ideas for a reliable source for the TCON boards

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Take a look at the "shopjimmy" channel on youtube, and the shopjimmy dot com website. You can order a t-con board for about $40-50. See this link, I think they are replacing the t-con board on the same TV you own:


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Shop jimmy after a few years has come with this new part for my TV - might get it if I can dig the old set out of the rubbish in the back shed


ShopJimmy <sales@shopjimmy.com>

Fri 02-Jun-17 11:05 PM

You are receiving this notification because you subscribed to receive alerts when the following products are back in stock:

Sony A-1763-462-B (A1743793C, 1-881-636-62) BAL Board

Price: $124.34

Please note that the TV part in-stock may be a compatible substitute to the TV part you need that's displayed in this email. We also wanted to give you a friendly heads up that some of our in-demand TV parts can sell quickly, so we suggest you act fast if you still need this item! Please contact us if you have any questions or you'd like help placing your order. We're here to help!



(877) 881-6492



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Still no T-Con board available and of course the parts now cost more than the TV is worth. If I had the $ to blow I'd buy them anyway to try, but shiite happens.

Other thing is I dragged out the TV after 2 years stored in a box, plugged it in and of course it worked perfectly - for 8 hours. The lines finally appeared again. Next day lasted only 30mins, so it appears it likes a nice rest between runs.

You'd think it would be a dry joint on a circuit board somewhere but I still don't have any idea how the screen it self operates/generates a picture or if these components get better with a rest.

I do note if I leave it unplugged for week it then operates OK for 2 or 3 hours which is fine for viewing MotoGP races in the back shed. Still a great sharp picture while it works. So now it's my once a week shed TV which sits on the beer fridge

lyleg still sounds like either a capacitor issue or an IC issue. Get some freeze spray and with the TV running after it turns off spray your boards and see which frozen area makes it work again. Then we can narrow it down based on the schematic.

Now the weather down under has heated up ie 85F+ the TV is back to it's old 15 mins perfect and then it slowly turns to lines over next 5 mins. Changing channels appear to kick it back to normal for a few seconds but finally it is unviewable no matter what I change.

SO I sprayed CO/electrical type cleaner on the metal back of the TCon board cooling it down but had no effect. Second sprayed the BAL board also with no effect.

So going to spray the Power board but assume it has 240V (Oz power supply) and no doubt some HV caps fully charged so thought better of it for now.

Tried CO cleaner on Power board to cool it but to no effect.

Found these You Tube videos worth a look

TV TCON board removal YOUTUBE


mentions TCON causing coloured vertical lines



to troubleshoot TV screen TCON board shows all points to check voltage on.

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Hi Iyleg,

I have exactly the same problem with my sony bravia.

Did you found out what was the problem?

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