The Nokia N8 is the first device to run on the Symbian^3 mobile operating system and Nokia's flagship device of 2010.

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Corrupted internal mass memory. Customar care said unrepairable.

Two years old. Problem is unavailable to detect mass memory. Mass memory does not respond anymore. Phone is extremely slow, only 200 Mb of phone memory available. One customer care said 16gb mass memory corrupted n parts are not available in INDIA. Another said its unrepairable.

Have tried hard,soft reset. Flashing doesn't work either. Have googled n tried most solutions.

Has anyone had a similar problem, is 16gb mass memory chip available in some other country? Is it replaceable?

Thank you.

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Don't know about availability but if your card is corrupted the MBD is damaged which is why it's slow. Replacing the card if possible is the only real solution.

Only you know if that is economically feasible or if you should purchase a new phone.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah i am going to get a new phone soon. I came across this site today only, so thought would give it a shot. I am one of those people who really take care of there phones so its a little frustrating that it got spoiled without any fault of mine. Maybe this is why one should get extended warranty.

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Zhimit Chakma , I suppose you are referring to your memory IC. The N-8 uses Toshibas THGBM1G7D4FBA13 K23538. It is a BGA IC and is it repairable? Yes, with the right tools like a reflow station, the right stencil as well as the right solder balls. Availability is tough as well. Not an easy find....

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All that equipment is not something a DIY would normally have, so it sounds to me like recycle the phone and get a new one.

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@oldturkey03.. yeah that is the part. Thanks for your reply.

@machead3... yeah i don't have any of those equipment. I will just keep my n8 as memorabilia i guess.

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ya i have also same problem

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