Blinging up my old iMac

I'd like to know how to increase the speed and/or size of my iMac, to use as the main computer in the house. I am currently using a PC (ew, dirty word) that is very old but I don't mind leaving it on as the server to this iMac and my husband's laptop (also PC, ew, ew).

Any suggestions on what other mac lovers would do?

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You can max out the RAM, install a large internal hard drive, or better yet, as it will move to the next computer get something like a Western Digital External 1 TB hard drive. Your machine will take 1 GB of RAM. How much RAM do you have and how big a hard drive?

Here's where to get the RAM;

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Here's what some others have to say:

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Great reference;) + Ralph

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Once you install ram, you can install a newer operating system. Your machine will run up to os 10.4.11 tiger. If you install a newer DVD drive, you may be able to watch videos (but don't expect too much quality) and read DVDs. You computer lacks "large drive support" so you can't install a hard drive larger than 128GB without partitioning it, so a 120GB drive should suit your needs fine. You can also install an airport card to give you wireless Internet.

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