No display after water damage.

I received a Macbook today for repair, it was water damage and they told me someone had fixed the water damage. But now there's no display.

I plugged in into a monitor earlier and the screen came on and stayed on, but after removing the battery the screen isn't coming back on and external monitors aren't working.

I'm guessing it's the GPU or the inverter, any ideas?

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GPU - inverter does not affect external monitors. If there's no image on an external monitor the GUP (logic board) is shot. It must be replaced.You should be talking with your vendor (unless you damaged something when you removed the battery).

You're positive the machine is booting up and no video is the only problem.

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I woke up today and it came on, got a feeling it's going to go off again. It's waaaay out of warranty so it's not even worth taking it to Apple, for the prices they charge the customer could buy a new laptop. I'm going to get the GPU reflowed and/or rebelled by a professional.

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