Chimes, white screen then turns grey

I have a mid 2010 Macbook that has been dropped on the corner with the magsafe which I just replaced and has restored power. During start up their is only a white screen then after a normal start up time it turns grey as though it is entering the desktop. I did attach it to an external LCD to see the results and nothing at all showed up, not even white screen, which makes me wonder if the external connecter is good after the fall. I disconnected the internal screen to force it to boot to the external and still got nothing at all. I've also tried starting with different known working ram and detaching the DVD drive to eliminate them as an issue. Is it possible that this is an LCD wire issue or a damaged out video chip?

Almost forgot I did start from a Usb install drive and let it set out of frustration. After a bit the voice over came on and asked "Hit enter if you would like to use english". I've also done the smc/pram resets several times to no avail.

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If you have a second Mac, try starting yours in target mode and connect it to the other system via a FireWire cable. Are you able to access the HD of your system?

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The original hard drive was wiped but I've since put in into another machine and installed Maverick but it still only shows the white then tones to grey after what appears to be the start up cycle is done. I know it isn't a sleep/dimming mode that causes the change to grey due to the settings I put on the drive after the installation.

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OK so you redid the drive. But can you see it when you put the system into Target mode via a second Mac? that will tell us whats happening here.

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