Not powering on. Tried known good AC adapter. Light on the adapter.

I replaced the DC jack but still not powering on.

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Why did you replace the original? Liquid spill? Fall/drop? - battery not charging?

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liquid spill. Unknown what type of liquid. No visible corrosion on logic board or DC jack.

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Aside from corrosion (check both sides) you must look for burn marks and swollen components. Use a magnifier. You could try using the jumpers to boot if you have a known good, charged, battery. You could try putting the battery in MacBook Unibody Model A1278

2 GHz (A1278) or 2.4 GHz (A1278) - uses the same battery.

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I looked very closely for burn or corrosion marks but could not find any. The customer decided to buy a new computer instead of wasting more time and money on it. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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