Power up, Chime, and then nothing


My A1342 will power up and I get the "chime" when I press the power button. The screen is dark, but it appears to be receiving power as the backlight works and the screen isn't black or blank as if appearing not to receive power. Instead the screen is dark. I'm not sure I'm explaining this correctly but I feel that the screen is not the problem (it's like a television that isn't receiving an input signal).

Has anyone run into this before? I'm not a "Mac" person so I'm not sure what the chime indicates. It's almost as if the internal hard drive isn't booting as I see no bios output or anything on the screen.

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To determine if it is the logic board or the VGU/VGC connect an external monitor. If you see a normal display your problem is part of the internal display chain… cables, inverter, or LCD itself. However, if you see nothing it is a logic board/GPU problem.

Graphics cards are not DIY fixable - the entire logic board must be replaced… or a professional service might repair just the GPU.

It might be your data display cable, or, your HD. Some HD issues can cause display problems…

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