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iPhone stuck in Recovery mode after Battery replacement.

Hey guys, i can't recommend replacing the battery of your iPhone yourself. I did it just as it is shown in the guide here, replaced the battery (did not scratch anything) gently, but now my iPhone is stuck in some sort of recovery mode loop. It only turns on when its connected to my computer. I have to restore it, but right after it has been restored it sets itself back in recovery mode. Putting it into DFU mode is not possible (since it shows only the "connect to iTunes logo"), exiting the Recovery mode with tiny umbrella or iReb doesn't work either. It sets it back but the loop continues. I tried everything (putting the old battery back in) but it still shows the same symptoms. Does anyone have an idea what to do?

So DONT do it. You can even loose the 250$ replacement iPhone for opening it.

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Hello I change the batterie in my iPhone 5 and it stuck.dosent work the switch on off button and the home button. I do all the steps as you said but nothing again.what I have to do else.my best regards

FIXED! Changed the battery and got stuck in boot loop, after an all day battle some praying and research turned up the screws on the lcd display / sound ribbon cover are very specific in length on each corner, if you put the long screw in the short screw hole (.1mm diff lol) or over tighten them they will tap into the board below and cause the phone not to boot up.

in this case, when you are doing the job for your self, get some 4x4 inches little magnet mat so you can place the screws in order or even draw the metal lcd logic board cable holder. so that way you won't mix them. but if you do mix them out don't put them back so you won't harm your phone motherboard

I had the same issue and tried what robgspeed suggested. Loosening the screws solved the problem. Thank you, robgspeed!

ROBSPEED!!!! you saved my life!!!

I took my 5s to a professional iphone fixing place to change my battery. It got in a loop after they did that, and said there was nothing they could do to fix it..

I loosed the screws on the LCD that they put on and unplugged the battery for good measure. BOOM!! Started up!!!!!

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We all feel like there is no way this could happen to us, that we were *so* careful---but this IS all related to accidentally displacing some components behind the SIM tray.

The primary defect is that the power button and home button don't work. The secondary defect is that the phone "thinks" the home button is pressed during startup ---this boots to recovery mode.

Prove it to yourself: open the phone and disconnect battery. Wait a minute and reconnect.

Power button--nothing.

Prompt phone to boot by inserting charger---recovery mode..

Repeat steps above, except after promoting phone to boot with charger, pull it out after you see Apple logo---phone will boot as normal.

If you'd like to get your pry damage fixed, feel free to request a link to my iphone 5 pry damage repair service

I bet all these problems are all related to pry damage on the logic board from removing the original battery.

When I do this repair, I notice that the phone will boot in recovery mode when I test it and one of the replace components isn't fully soldered. If I try it again it solves and boots normally

Check for this damage

Block Image

Since others are putting links to their pry damage mail-in repair service, I will as well:


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this was super helpful so far it has worked! thanks!

yeah phone boot up but home power not working. and display have some green line around .

I think before you try anything too adventurous it's better to make sure everything is properly back in place. I for instance, discovered that the battery connector tab was not lying flatly, and was not making good contact and was therefore affecting the ability of the phone to charge. It only requires that one of the screws be fouling and not properly driven in. Good Luck

When I opened my phone again and looked at where the power button is, I noticed it wasn't laying flat. I pushed it back down and then put everything back together. I then plugged my phone into the computer just until the apple logo popped up and then unplugged it like you said and it solved the loop issue and I was able to proceed with the restore process. THANK YOU SO MUCH! you just saved this poor college student some serious cash

I have the same problem, I'm so miserable i haven't got a phone for 2 days now, I will try this on to my phone when i get home

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I found a useful guide on how to exit iPhone Recovery Mode

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this worked for me. Thank you! Why can't (the newest to 2016-02-07) iTunes on OSX restore iOS device without updating? Why the question? Because the update fails and so the restoring!

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The software is called tiny umbrella. You launch the software and you connect your iphone to usb via computer. You will see your phone on the right list and then you select it. There is a button on the software called exit recovery and you click that, unplugged your iPhone from computer and it should self boot again out of recovery mode.

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I used tiny umbrella yesterday and it worked fine for me.

Thanks Todd,

Yeah i have been using Tiny Umbrella to exit recovery mode and then straight away disconnect the iphone from the pc.

The iphone reboots and starts up with ios7 running with all my wife’s profile set.

However i still think there is something wrong or maybe the iPhone is still secretly in recovery mode, as the home and lock buttons are not responsive.

I let the iPhone battery drain down, plugged it back to the charger, and it appeared in recovery mode once more.

Have no idea why the iPhone is behaving this way. Im sure its a software/firmware issue.

Any advice my appreciated.

It is pry damage behind sim tray on logic board. It is repairable.

Can't believe this worked! it's insane that slightly overtightened screws prevented the phone from starting up. I loosened the screws and Voila! solved! Thank you!

Works for me as well, once more unplug home button and again gently tighten a screws put back all together than itunes do the thing ( recover amd update ).

Thank you guys.

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this is one reason after replacing the battery and going recovery mode, and the home button and screen lock key does not work. Microcircuit U3 74AUP2G34GN Menu&power/hold key singnal amplifier is disconnected.

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don't know why people are voting you down, you gave exactly the right solution :D

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The following will work for you to recover lost data of iPhone stuck in recovery mode.

Solution 1 : Turn off your device , then turn back on and everything should be fine.

Solution 2 : Plug your device into a PC or a MAC then iTunes should detect your device is in recovery mode and release you from recovery mode.

ITUNES will automatically pick it up and a pop up box will probally say that your IPHONE is in recovery mode would you like to restore?

3. Click the restore tab.

Note - If ITUNES if out of date, this will not work.

Note - Do not do this over WIFI

Note - Do not interrupt the restore

Note - If you did not make a previous back up, your iPhone will restore back to the factory settings.

Solution 3 : RESTORE, your iPhone

Solution 4: Press and hold the power button for 5 secs , press and hold the home button and release the power button. Now press the power button and the home button for 10 secs.

Hope FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery helps!

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Hope that helps!

Disconnect your iphone from your computer. Hold down the power and home button again for 20 seconds, or so. Then, a silver apple logo will appear.

Then let go of ONLY the power button (keep the home button pressed) for about 5 seconds.Then let go of the home button and let my phone sit. In about 20 seconds, your phone came back to life.

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Apple logo loops fixed!

I had the same problem. When I looked at the proposed answers I've found one that works for me.

I tighten the screws too much. But when I loosen some of the screws I tighten, the problem is solved ! My iPhone 5S stopped the apple logo loops and it continues the process and asked me my passcode !

Yeah ! I'm happy :-) !

Thank you guys.

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where the screws position?battery?lcd?

Anyone pls. Answer kevin just to make sure

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