Liquid Spill: Powers-up but, then the Logic Board get Hot..!

Hey All and a very Happy New Year. My MacBook Air 11" has liquid damaged. Some of LSI's are red and some not. I can't see any on the normal side of the Battery, but having taken it off the two nearest too the LG are red and the other two below are white. The real question I have is this: It powers up But the Logic board / Battery gets hot and so I have too turn it off. Green power light comes on when connected too mains. I've taken the LB off and I'm thinking of submerging it in Servisol Isopropanol. It has burnt smells on the board, and clear oxidation on some, if not all the square chips things. All the keys seem too work without hesitation. Any ideas about what may have been damaged as too why it gets hot? Please ask if you need any thing else too assist me.

Thanking you in advance Kyle

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What's been damaged is where there's corrosion, burn marks, and/or swollen comonents. It's getting hot because for some reason thought the thermal sensors are not working, and apparently neither is the fan, it's not shutting down.

Don't cook the CPU.

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Hi Machead3, thanks very much for your comment. It's very much appreciated. I thought as much the corrosion would be playing there part. The poor thing doesn't get the chance too light up and just gets hot and was just shut down.

This being the case of corrosion and or swollen components, what do you suggest I do. Do I have too wash and scrum the L/B in Boiling or distilled water, baking powder or should I just dip it in and scrub it in the aforementioned Servisol Isopropan solvent of 80% + purity? I'm not shy for the job, I'd just like some pointers as too the best way too proceed.

Thanking you again in-advance.


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Scrubbing and washing can't repair damaged components. Once you cleaned them they're that much harder to identify as bad. You'd probably be best off sending the board someplace that has a tester (machine/program) to identify the bad components, and repair the board. e-bay has several of these services (I've never used one). I would want an estimate before committing to anything, and, it might be less expensive to sell the board as damaged/for parts and replace it with a use/referb logic board. If you go that route you can also get the last/best build of that model to stick in the case.

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Thanks once again Machead3, I shall try and find somewhere the board can be tested and move from they. If it's beyond repair I'll just have too replace it. Although I hope I don't have too!! Thanks once again and have a great day.

Until then Kyle

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