This Power Mac G4 has Mirrored Drive Doors.

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Missing parts? Please help, light turns on but no action.

I plugged everything together to see if it would work and it powers up and fans are running but the monitor wasn't turning on. Then the machine turned off after about 4 minutes.

When I opened up the case I found that the large heat sink was gone. And also the hard drive that plugs into P4 and P5 pigtails.

This would be the drive that sits under the mirrored drives.

A friend gave me the computer and she said she didn't know if something was wrong with it. Well it looks to me that her ex did some work in it. Can someone kindly give me advice on what to do?

What part number do I need to order a new drive and heat sink? I'll try to post up some pics shortly.

Thanks all!

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You won't find new parts, but maybe you can scavenge some from machines with other problems. With the heat sink missing you could quickly cook the CPU. Hard drives are easier to locate, but you must fix the overheat problem first or it will all be for naught.

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Thanks for the reply. I found that I'm not missing any hard drives as this sub model only came with one. Only thing is the heatsink. I tried plugging in this hard drive to my PC to view the files but it didn't come up. I think I just didn't get the power cable in far enough.

Anyway, another forum mentioned to not even bother with this G4 as it's so out dated. My though is a couple ram cards and another hard drive would do what I need. I'm not a gamer so it's not being used for that. Any other tips or suggestions is great!

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